CO2 Emissions Day Success

CO2 Emissions Day Success

Over 13 tonne of CO2 was avoided!

Our campaign supporting ‘International Reducing CO2 Emissions’ Day, we are proud to report it was a huge success. We had multiple units across a wide range of clients, on sites up and down the UK.

These units ranged in size from our smaller ECO SOLAR 12, mid size ECO SOLAR 16 to our largest ECO SOLAR 24.

All of these units were delivered to each site and setup in the best location to maximise solar power. Resulting in not only a reduction in CO2, but benefits to personnel using them. Something simple as not hearing a generator running all day made a huge difference!

Some feedback we have received is:

‘We were skeptical at first however after seeing the units in action we are suitably impressed. We will be making the switch to solar going forward’

‘These were easy to setup and maintain, the lads on site loved the layout and it was a nice change to work in a silent office instead of hearing the genny chugging along next door. The twin toilet at the back was an added bonus’

‘The units are great, we are very happy with the service Eco Hire are providing. Most impressed with their maintenance updates and how they track it using telemetry’

Making the change to ECO SOLAR units has multiple benefits: positive impact on our environment, improved staff wellbeing and company bottom lines.

The Numbers

In the below table you can see the average days in use, fuel saved and CO2 reduced. As you can see the CO2 saving was not the only success!

Not only did the clients enjoy no hire costs, transport costs or servicing charges, the amount of fuel that was saved in comparison to a typical welfare unit is over £9,000, across all units during this campaign!

All of the cabin data (generator service saving, fuel saving, fuel cost saving, co2 emission avoided) is sent in a report back to the client after each hire. These reports can then be used as part of the companies CO2 carbon footprint reduction measures.

With the hires ranging from as little as 5 days to 42, every project can make a difference in reducing CO2, fuel and ultimately our impact on the environment.

Average Number of days on hire 18
Average fuel saving per unit £442.00
Average Carbon Reduction per unit 650kg


Offer extended

As a result of the huge success, we are extending our offer of free units, to further show the long-term benefits switching to ECO SOLAR welfare.

Contact us today on 0800 046 0420 or email to book your free cabins!

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