Solar Welfare Highly Commended

ECOHire Solar Welfare Is Highly Commended.

We are delighted to announce that our solar-powered ECOHire welfare range has been highly commended in the 2022 Green Supplier and Innovation Awards. These awards, organised by The Showman’s Show, recognise the latest in green innovations and sustainable solutions that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of events and worksites.

Our manufacturer Boss Cabins entered the awards with their Deep Green welfare range, which are the units we use at ECOHire, and the cabins were Highly Commended by the award adjudicators for their ability to lower the environmental impact of using site welfare in the following ways:

A) By maximising use of free renewable energy while minimising energy consumption and harmful emissions

A full roof of highly efficient solar panels harvest energy which is stored in a high-capacity lithium ion battery and used to power the cabin’s electrical functions. ECOHire cabins have been designed to use as little energy as possible while still providing the full functionality of a standard welfare cabin for the user, with all operations running without the need for generator power. The combination of energy efficiency and a superior solar system means the cabins are capable of operating through most of the year almost entirely on solar power meaning they produce virtually zero emissions and and are virtually silent running. They can therefore be used in legally-restricted areas such as ULEZ zones, as well as other environmentally sensitive or built-up areas where emissions or generator noise pollution are a problem.

All ECOHire cabins are fitted with a remote 24/7 monitoring and reporting system that tracks and records energy production and consumption plus generator runtimes and fuel tank levels meaning the ECOHire range is fully transparent and accountable. This system provides users with the ability to properly report on their carbon saving achievements.

Remote monitoring of the fleet in the field has proved that for most of the year (9 month approx.), 100% of the cabins’ energy needs are being supplied from solar energy alone.

In data verified by independent assessor Carbon Footprint Limited, it is calculated that using one of our 24ft ECOHire welfare units on site rather than a standard ‘eco’ welfare cabin will reduce fuel consumption by 3260 litres per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 8.1 tonnes. A combination of this fuel saving plus the reduction in servicing discussed below will reduce site costs by an average £10,600 per year for each 24ft ECOHire unit employed.

B) By minimising the need to attend the cabin for any reason

By cutting down the need to attend the cabins and service them, we reduce the amount of time, travel, fuel costs, vehicle exhaust emissions and other environmental impact of attending the cabin. We have done this by reducing the need to visit the cabins for the following reasons:


Toilet waste is minimised in ECOHire cabins via the following means: the patented WM Pro grey water recycling system; water-saving fittings including micro-flush toilets, waterless urinals, timed hand wash taps. Extra large waste tanks are fitted to maximise the service interval further. In general, the waste of a ECOHire cabin will need to be pumped out 66.7% less that a standard cabin, once every 3 weeks rather than once ever week.


Maximum use of solar energy means we reduce fuel use by the amounts mentioned above and reduce the need to visit the cabin to refill the fuel tank.


Rain harvesting and minimal use of water via the features mentioned above means the water tanks will need to be filled less than usual. The amount will differ according to rainfall however we have calculated that if the UK had average rainfall every day spread evenly across the year, then the water tanks would never need to be refilled.


The technology of the patented Infinity generator will reduce the need to visit a site to service the generator significantly. The Infinity should not need to be visited for approx. 19 years whereas a standard generator will need visiting around 8 times a year.


With the built-in telemetry reporting faults and enabling some to be fixed or diagnosed remotely, this saves on the environmental impact of service engineer visits to site.

C) By maximising the lifespan of our products and their end of life recyclability

All ECOHire cabins are built to last in order to minimise the lifetime carbon footprint of manufacturing them. They are built as standard in long-lasting stainless steel with a 25 year anti-corrosion warranty. In addition, the cabins’ end of life has been considered and the materials chosen to construct the cabins mean they currently have a 97.2% end-of-life recyclability, with the majority of their components and materials to be able to be extracted and reused.

For more info on the Green Supplier and Innovation Awards, click here.

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